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When damage to your vehicle’s windshield, back glass, or door windows is extensive, simple repairs might not suffice and it may become imperative to replace the whole piece. We at Auto Glass of Frisco know that changing the glass on your windshield is a major investment. Our company has made every effort possible to help you replace that broken window easily and affordable.

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All our repair technicians are certified and trained with the latest tools and techniques for car window replacement in Frisco, TX. We have at least 10 years of experience working on almost every variety of vehicles from a variety of different brands. We source all our material from the same OEM manufacturers who provide windshields and other products for automobile makers. Combined with our years of expertise and good quality material, every replacement we perform leaves the vehicles as good as new.

When Does Auto Glass Replacement Become Necessary

We get this a lot, you should replace your window when the damage is larger than a quarter. Because there are certain conditions under which you simply cannot do without a complete replacement. Consequently, this depends upon the severity of the damage, its size, and its location.

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Windshields are essentially two pieces of glass with a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyrate) sandwiched between them. Most damage to windshields occurs on the outermost layer ready for repair. However, if the inner layers of the glass, as well as PVB, have been affected, then a windscreen replacement is the only alternative.

Furthermore, rock chips can easily be repaired using a special resin solution. Cleaned then injected to the damaged area to seal it off. However, any damage which exceeds these sizes will need a full replacement. Also, anything obstructing the driver’s line of sight will require new auto glass. Rock crack repairs are fairly permanent and reinforce the integrity of the windscreen to its original standard.  They can leave tiny distortions in the glass itself which can inhibit a driver’s vision. While we do service the Frisco area, we would like to recommend Bill’s for Plano auto glass.

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